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Take Advantage of Built-In Warranties

Warrant Info

We only issue email invoices. Email address is necessary. Paintwork claims customer will have to meet deductible for warranty repairs. Example; Cost of paints 

Insurance companies! Full payment of any bodywork claims must be paid in full prior to customer pickup!

Insurance will be charged $50 a day for first 3 days after completion of work, and $25 a day starting 4th day until full payment is collected. This is due to delays in payment from insurance companies. No exceptions!

Makeready Plus offers a Lifetime Warranty on all windshield repair. Windshield repair warranty will cover the repair of each chip or crack repaired with the invoice in hand. Without invoice you will be subject to being recharged for services. Makeready Plus does not give refunds or credit should you decide to replace. Makeready reserves the right to refuse a customer. Since 1996 Makeready Plus has been serving Corpus Christi providing great prices on all services. We believe in helping you save money. Other conditions may apply* 


Warranty for windshield repair, warranty must be verified. This rule is enforced due to customers abusing service. If mobile warranty service is not paid you will be responsible for bringing car in for repairs with receipt or date of repair. If unable to verify you will be charged for repairs! 

Paintwork warranty is for 1 year with a receipt.

About Us

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